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Immunity Yoga Workshop at Ushvani

Yoga at Ushvani

Balance & Revitalize Naturally with London’s Most Prestigious Malaysian Spa

Ushvani, London’s most luxurious day spa, is launching a new, exclusive four week Immunity Yoga workshop starting on the 17th January 2017. Whether recovering from Christmas or preparing for the rest of the winter season, this unique workshop will help to strengthen the immune system and keep muscles lean and toned.

Each week, attendees will be guided through various asanas to rejuvenate cells, allowing oxygen to flow freely through the body and aiding the immune system, whilst being soothed by the tranquil sounds and exotic smells of a Malaysian retreat, transporting you to another world, away from the bustling streets of London.  

Each session will be open to all levels and will run for 90 minutes. Aiding your immune system helps oxygen flow freely around the body, rejuvenating cells, facilitating circulation and most importantly, helps reduce stress. After completing the four week course of workshops you will have moved through the depths of winter with a renewed inner strength and greater immunity.  

Over the four weeks attendees will learn to activate the secondary organs of the immune system with purifying twists and hip openers, learn to open up the chest and throat, and reawaken the abdominal organs, with moves such as the upward facing dog and wide angle poses. Restoring these organs will combat low immunity and the feeling of lethargy, often felt during the winter season, helping the body to feel energized and rebalanced internally, as well de-stressing the mind.  

The workshops have been tailor-made and will also be led by Deepa, Ushvani’s resident yoga instructor with a wealth of over 13 years’ experience. Each session will have a different focus area that will enable attendees to explore how their bodies respond to movement through deep breath awareness.  

The innovative workshop will feature:
·         A welcome talk
·         Introduction to yoga for aiding the immune system
·         Benefits of this type of yoga to improve the immune system
·         Full body practice with dynamic poses and stretches
·         Refreshments including Orange tea rich in Vitamin C and dried fruit and nuts  

The fourth and final session will bring together all the movements learnt in the previous weeks.  

The Immunity Yoga workshop is £30 for one session or £110 for four sessions. Advance bookings only. The workshops will run from 17th January to 7th February 2017, 6:30pm-8:00pm.

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