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The Lord, The Apprentice and The Mentor:  Lord Young opens National Mentoring Day Summit at House of Lords

National Mentoring Day Summit at House of Lords After the success of National Mentoring Day held on 27th October which received floods of support nationwide, a National summit to celebrate mentoring took place at the House of Lords; the perfect setting to draw attention to the crucial topic of mentoring. 

National Mentoring Day founded by Chelsey Baker, a leading business mentor, aims for every person in the UK to know how to access a mentor by 2020 and to recognise the invaluable contribution that mentoring makes to education, enterprise and society. Lord Young gave an inspiring speech on the importance of mentoring and welcomed more than 200 UK thought leaders, mentoring organisations and mentors. Lord Young a prominent mentoring advocate spent many years in government as David Cameron’s Enterprise Adviser and has been responsible for encouraging mentorship nationally.

“I had a mentor when I started my first business and he saved me more than once. I hope that National Mentoring Day will encourage more and more people to act as a mentor. I know as I have acted as a mentor many times and it is very rewarding to both parties,” said Lord Young.

Supporting the campaign is BBC’s The Apprentice Courtney Wood who shared his own mentoring success story and experiences of being mentored by the CEO and founder of National Mentoring Day Chelsey Baker. "Chelsey was a great asset in helping me in the right direction. I’m supporting National Mentoring Day because it’s something I strongly believe in.”

“Mentoring helped grow my business and also helped me grow as a person so I want to shout out that this is something that can help everyone. Learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t make them yourself!” Said Courtney Wood.

Business celebrities including James Caan CBE and Peter Jones supported the National Mentoring Day campaign on Twitter. “Never underestimate the importance of those around you. Learn from their experience – it will be invaluable! #NationalMentoringDay,” said Peter Jones. In Wales the Welsh Government held celebrations at the Senedd in support of National Mentoring Day.  An exciting panel discussion talked about how the power of mentoring changed lives. Discussions on youth, diversity, student, ex offender and ex forces mentoring were led by Jonathan Freeman, Varinder Dhaliwal, Mosaic Princes Trust, Amrita Das, The Careers & Enterprise Company and Ken Cowan – School of Hard Knocks. Enterprise speakers included Helen Walbey – FSB, Clive Rich – Lawbite, Jackie Jenks and Jonathan Pfahl.

Chelsey Baker’s closing comments, “We want to encourage everyone to set up a pledge of what their organisation is going to do to help reach our goal of everyone knowing how to access a mentor by 2020. Mentoring has the potential to trigger significant benefits on a global scale. Everyone has something to offer as a mentor and everyone has something to learn as a mentee. Mentoring should be accessible to any business, adult, child or group that needs it and National Mentoring Day will help make this happen.” 

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