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UNWTO conference in Luxor

The Ministry of Tourism and Egyptian Tourist Authority (ETA) have announced their sponsorship of the 104th session of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council in Luxor, which will be held in the period from 30 To 31  October  2016.

Luxor is also hosting the 5th UNWTO Global Summit on City Tourism, attended by representatives and participants from many different countries all over the world.

The conference will include several workshops to exchange experiences in the field of tourism and propose ways to support and develop tourism in Luxor.

The UNWTO Executive Council announced the selection of Luxor city to host the conference as the 2016 capital of world tourism, affirming its position as an irreplaceable touristic and historical treasure and to restore the world's interest to this picturesque tourist destination which has suffered from the various recent events in Egypt.

Luxor is considered as one of the key tourist destinations in Egypt which includes numerous Pharaonic ancient monuments that have stood the test of time and have proven itself on the touristic and cultural map of the world such as the Valley of the Kings, Tombs of the Nobles, and the Valley of the Queens.

The 5th UNWTO Global Summit (Cities – local culture for global travellers) will discuss the tourism trends in the city including: sustainable development, spatial organization, development and innovation in the field of city tourism, and cross-cultural behaviour. The gathering will also discuss how the public and private sectors can contribute in tourism development, cultural exchange between nations, identity and cultural heritage preservation of countries.

The UNWTO will also launch a new initiative to exchange point of views in various tourism topics between representatives of the touristic cities and decision-makers. The initiative will work on promoting the vital role of tourism as a driving force for economic and social development in cities.

Yehia Rashed, Minister of Tourism, expressed his delight for the coronation of Luxor city as the capital of world tourism; which will affirm its position as an irreplaceable touristic and archaeological treasure “The Tourism Ministry and tourism sector are keen on exerting continuous efforts to take advantage of such event, in order to highlight the tourist attractions of this historical city and reignite the tourism traffic especially in Luxor and Aswan.” he stated.

Rashed added that there has been ongoing stream of support from the government towards the restoration of tourism traffic in Egypt.

“It is vital to promote Egypt through hosting these events that pour in favour of the Egyptian tourism and send several positive messages about the image of Egyptian tourist attractions; especially in terms of safety and security that Egypt possesses as well as its ability to organize and host major events,” he highlighted.

  Choosing Luxor as the capital of world tourism this year is pride to all Egyptians. “We are pleased to support and sponsor such international event which affirms the effective role and importance of both Luxor and Egypt in the tourism field and highlights the international recognition it holds," he added.

We are certain that this event will shed the light on this ancient city which is considered to be the most stunning global open museum.”

It is worth mentioning that the closing ceremony of the world Tourism Conference will be held in front of Luxor Temple with the distinguished participation of  “Kremerata Baltica” Orchestra with the renowned international violinist “Gidon Kremer”

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