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The BBC Good Food Show highlight some of their sustainable exhibitors

The BBC Good Food Shows’ Autumn Winter season is now underway. Visitors to the Shows can indulge their passion for delicious food, exciting new flavours and be inspired by the best chefs in the business. Visitors can enjoy live cookery demonstrations, interviews and book signing sessions at all Shows, participate in masterclasses, plus sample and shop for interesting food and drink from artisan producers and the latest kitchen gadgets from great brands.

Within the Shows, there are various shopping areas including The Producers’ Village, a huge speciality food market at the heart of the Show and BBC Good Food Champions, a fabulous selection of artisan producers.  

Visitors to the Show can look forward to meeting the following brands, who are all working hard to produce high quality meat based products in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible.  

  Moore View Alpacas was born when Emma and Stuart Collison discovered a love for animals and saw a unique opportunity to break into the market.  Having investigated the meat, they found it to be extremely lean and low in cholesterol which made it a really healthy option with hardly any fat – tasting very similar to venison or lamb. 

The Alpacas on the farm have the best quality of life, they are allowed to roam free and have plenty of space.  The couple now specialize in Alpaca products, selling bedding, paintings and clothing, plus their award winning tomato and basil.  They are also proud to be the owners of the first flock of Valais Sheep in the UK.

Brand owners, the Keebles are proud producers of great British sausages. Following in their ancestor’s footsteps, they take a very hands on approach - working the farm and overseeing the factory to ensure they offer the most unique, healthy and delicious meat around.  The way this family business works is reflected in the name, ‘what the heck’ pretty much sums up their ‘no compromise’ approach to their products. The result being that customers are purchasing farmers’ market quality on supermarket shelves.  

Nothing is processed, Heck use fresh herbs, the finest ingredients and stick to small batch production for better flavour.  What the heck, they make damn good sausages!

Great Taste Winners, Forest Pig, produce some of the finest British charcuterie from their own woodland reared and free range pigs.  Sally and Jeremy Levell use authentic, artisanal methods of production thanks to their extensive knowledge, learnt from the salami masters in Tuscany. The Forest Pig concept is very simple: the pigs that they rear lead a completely natural life, they are allowed to roam free, eating acorns, roots and anything they can find. This results in super lean meat. Forest pigs are fit not fat!  The pig’s life starts at home where they are fed a GM free diet with no growth promoters. 

At around four months, when they have reached a good size, the young are moved to live in a completely natural environment in the Wyre Forest, where they are left to mature naturally. The Forestry Commission designate areas for the pigs to reduce vegetation to restore a natural balance to the woodland floor, aiding natural oak regeneration. It was at first a concern that the pigs would damage the woodland, however, it was eventually found by ecologists that the pigs foraging in a semi-wild state would, in fact, be beneficial. At Forest Pigs they take extra care to ensure that their charcuterie products are of the best quality, with the correct level of maturity, texture and flavour.

Kelly Bronze was founded in 1971 when Derek Kelly, a respected figure in the turkey industry, broke away from the corporate world to start the family run business, known today as "Kelly Turkeys".  From this came the discovery of the lesser known, ‘Bronze Turkey’ originating from Mexico.  Derek and his wife Mollie worked extremely hard against adversity, to introduce free-range Bronze Turkeys back onto the market. The near extinct birds have been rescued through carefully researched breeding programmes, whereby they farm the turkeys by watching natures clock.  The hens lay their eggs in spring and the chicks hatch during the natural season.  

Their moto is, ‘bred to be wild’.  The birds are allowed to roam free in the woodlands or pastures, eating a natural diet of grubs, berries and nettles.  The birds are grown to full maturity, by allowing them to grow to the equivalent of adult age, they develop a layer of natural fat, and mature carcass and bone - all essential ingredients for award-winning flavour and natural gravy stock. At Kelly’s Turkeys they hand-pluck their birds, taking extra time to hang the turkeys, allowing them to age the birds the traditional way, which intensifies the flavours and tenderises the meat. 

James and James met at agricultural college in 2006 and have been best friends ever since.  Their friendship formed the basis of Field and Flower, a company delivering great high-quality meat to thousands of customers’ doorsteps.  It all started when they set up the business on James Flower’s fifth-generation family farm in the heart of the Gordano Valley in Somerset.   

Their cattle have only ever been naturally-reared and the extra step of dry hanging the meat ensures that the beef is tenderised and flavoured to perfection. It worked out to be a costly process but they were yet to know at the time, that it would be so worth it.  After that they set up a small catering business, branching out to festivals and larger events selling their spicy beef sausages and burgers.   

A few years of hard work and determination have definitely paid off.  Field and Flower have earnt an excellent reputation with their high-quality, exceptional value-for-money beef products and are also selling some of Somerset’s favourite cheeses, seasonal fresh fish and condiments.  

Field and Flower’s combines over 100 years of traditional farming experience with a passion to provide superior fresh meat, with provenance, that’s both sustainable and delicious.

The Show prides itself on the calibre of producers attending the Show and supports their ethical and sustainable ways of working and product traceability, especially those farming animals and selling meat based products. Visitors to the Shows can meet the producers themselves who pride themselves on the quality and provenance of their produce.

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