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RIBA Venues to offer ‘super drink’ tree water to delegates

RIBA Venues today announces it is working with a new supplier to offer pioneer birch, bamboo and maple water, the latest drinks craze to hit the UK, to delegates.  
The venue is working with supplier Sibberi to offer the waters which are harvested from the trees by tapping the trunks during spring thaw. The drinks are packed with electrolytes and are believed to boost hydration. They have been used for centuries in China, the Nordics and Russia and are believed to have several medicinal properties.

The water has been said to be much like a diet coconut water, but whereas coconut water has a high sugar and calorie content, tree waters contain four times less calories and Xylitol which is a natural zero calorie sweetener.  

The waters are part of RIBA Venues’ new Water Menu, with eight different waters on offer, to keep delegates hydrated and increase energy levels and brain functions throughout the day.  

RIBA Venues Head of Venues, Stephanie Ellrott, says: “We were attracted to Sibberi’s range of tree waters because they are simply bottled tree sap with nothing added and have so many health benefits. As a forward thinking venue, with healthy food and drinks concepts at our core, we are always looking for new ways to offer something different to visitors. We are sure our customers are going to be as excited about the water as we are.”

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