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Acclaimed Glutton in Downtown Las Vegas offers desirable group dining alternative

Downtown Las Vegas’ Glutton, an acclaimed gastropub by visionary Chef and Restaurateur Bradley Manchester, offers a group dining option for those seeking a glimpse of the city’s authentic, urban dining scene. Not helmed by a celebrity chef, but by a passionate and accomplished chef who revels in the day-to-day menu planning and operations of his first restaurant, Glutton offers groups an unexpected and satisfying alternative to hotel-casino dining..

Glutton showcases savory meats, locally sourced produce, house-made pastas and seafood from the Pacific Northwest. Created with an adventurous palate in mind, the cuisine appeals to diners who enjoy trying new things and appreciate fresh, flavorful ingredients. A wood-burning oven imparts rustic flavors to roasted meats and vegetables, enabling Manchester to make the most out of simply prepared yet wholesome and high-quality ingredients.

Through a partnership with local farms, Glutton offers custom herb and greens mixes, which provide the foundation for his surprising fresh salad and vegetable dish repertoire. Rather than heavily salting or adding fats to many of his dishes, Manchester is fond of using generous amounts of herbs and acids—such as citrus and vinegars—to brighten his creations and “wake up” diners’ palates. On the flipside, Manchester offers dishes crafted to be truly indulgent. Desserts incorporate wood-roasted fruits, homemade ice cream and comfort-food offerings.

At the bar, Glutton serves up seasonal, handcrafted cocktails using fresh, hand-made ingredients. Craft beers and a boutique wine list are also available, including several by-the-glass wine selections.

The dining room seats 78, including nine at the Chef’s Counter and five at the bar. An outdoor garden patio accommodates and additional 30 guests. Buyouts are available starting at $4,000 and group dining menus are available. The restaurant’s group dining manager, Stacey, is happy to customise something special for any group.

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