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Quest for the Great British Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich

Create one to be on a City menu for a year

The sandwich was originally conceived in the 18thC as a ready-made snack, so that the fourth Earl of Sandwich could be sustained whilst gambling through the night. Now, three centuries later, according to the British Sandwich Association, as many as 11.5bn sandwiches are eaten here each year.

About 31% contain chicken, with cheese, ham and egg close runners-up.

But how novel and enticing can a sandwich become? That is the question being asked by the private conference and dining venue called Farmers & Fletchers in the City.

May 8-14 is British Sandwich Week and this London venue is staging a nation-wide campaign to find a new sandwich that can feature on its menu for a year.

Head Chef, David Summerell explains:0’“We are looking for new, interesting and possibly quirky ideas, or even a particular family favourite, but all the ingredients must either be grown here or be found on British farms or around our shores.’

To enter Farmers & Fletchers in the City’s Signature Sandwich Competition visit

to obtain an entry form. All entries must be received by May 5, 2016 and the winning sandwich will be announced during British Sandwich Week,

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