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The Mob Museum introduces "Moe-Bot" telepresence system

Moe-Bot telepresence system

System to launch April 1

Your next tour of The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, could be via a robotic device you control from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Beginning Monday, April 1, “Moe-Bot,” a BeamPro telepresence robot created by Suitable Technologies, will enable Museum guests to “visit” the Museum via their computer screen or mobile device and direct their Museum experience almost as personally as if they were physically there.

Introduced as a way to expand the Museum’s audience reach to include anyone who cannot visit the Museum in person, Moe-Bot will be used to enable visitors to participate in live, immersive, interactive, guided tours of the museum by a computer from virtually anywhere in the world.

“This system is not only technologically impressive, but also will give members of our community who cannot visit the Museum—even visitors across the globe—a high-quality, engaging Museum experience they otherwise couldn’t have enjoyed,” explains Ashley Misko, director of marketing and public relations, The Mob Museum. “Best of all, the system is incredibly easy to use.”

Once a user logs onto the system, his or her face appears on Moe-Bot’s screen, which is mounted on a mobile stand whose movement the user controls. In this way, the visitor gives the impression of being physically inside the Museum. A Museum guide accompanies the Moe-Bot visitor to answer any questions, point out must-see displays and ensure each tour experience is interactive and personalized. In the case of school groups using Moe-Bot, the teacher can control the device while its video feed is projected for his or her class to watch.

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