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Express Golf comes to Hever Castle Golf Club

Hever Castle Golf Club in Kent has introduced an ‘Express Golf Course’ featuring oversized holes and a shorter course, perfect for those who are just starting out or looking for a quick, fun round of golf.
Located alongside the Princes Course, the new 9 hole course has a shorter hole length of 116 yards and takes less than one hour to complete. Each hole is around three times the diameter of a regular hole making it easier to putt the ball.

“The Express Course gives us the opportunity to introduce the game to a wider public,” says Club Professional, Peter Parks. “It’s ideal for anyone who wants to have a go in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere, even if they have never played golf before.”

Peter hopes the new course will attract a wide variety of potential golfers of mixed abilities saying: “It can be intimidating to step on to a golf course for the first time when everyone else is more experienced.” The Express Course provides newcomers to the game with an early introduction to the golf course (a vital part of learning the game) as opposed to just spending time on a driving range.

“Besides building confidence, Express Golf gives aspiring golfers a taste of what the game can offer,” says Peter adding, “It also highlights other benefits of the game such as taking exercise in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful views in the company of friends.” Even experienced golfers can enjoy the shorter course and it provides a nice option for those with a love of the game but very little time to play.

A group of Hever Castle staff road tested the new Express Course before it opened to the public. They all enjoyed playing on the new course, from those new to the game to more experienced players. One of the team, Caz Church, said “I was a bit anxious when starting out, but Peter was really friendly and quickly put myself and others in the group who hadn’t played before at ease.”

Caz saw an improvement from the first hole and felt she got a little bit better with every shot as she gained confidence. She adds: “There was no pressure to stand correctly or hold the golf club in a particular way. It also helped that Peter was so relaxed and even told us not to worry about chopping up the grass – which we tended to do! – showing us how we could just press it down again. The glorious weather and beautiful views were a bonus.”

Hever Castle Golf Club is set within the historic Hever Castle Estate, only 1 mile from the Castle’s main entrance, amid 250 acres of stunning countryside. The 27 hole Championship Course and Tudor style Clubhouse have been built to the highest specification and deliver a memorable experience to all.

It was in the 1920s that golf first featured on the Hever estate when a private 9 hole course was built for the enjoyment of then owner, William Waldorf Astor. The original course survived until the Second World War when it was sadly abandoned during the war effort. The Championship Course was created in 1992 and the Princes 9 Hole Course opened in 1998.

The Express Golf Course costs only £5 per round and must pre booked. Cost includes equipment hire.

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