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New Agincourt exhibition at the Tower of London

25 October 2015 marks the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, one of the pivotal events in the tumultuous relationship between England and France during the Hundred Years War. The royal arsenal at the Tower of London helped to supply the armies and it was in the White Tower where Charles, Duke of Orleans, was imprisoned after his capture at the battle.

This winter in the same White Tower at the heart of the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries will commemorate the anniversary of the infamous battle with a special exhibition included in admission to the Tower. Bringing together medieval armour, art, music, sculpture and manuscripts from the Royal Armouries own collections and those of other institutions in England and France, this not to be missed exhibition will tell the story of the build-up and subsequent unfolding of events on that fateful day and its legacy.

At the centre of the exhibition will be a detailed scale model of the battlefield. Other iconic items will include a portrait of Henry V; objects from the Royal Armouries, including the Lyle Bacinet and the Warwick shaffron; and a 1st folio edition of Shakespeare's Henry V.

After Henry V's outstanding victory six hundred years ago his noble captives were led back in triumph through the streets of London as part of the victory celebrations. Some of them were imprisoned in the Tower while others were sent elsewhere in England. To launch the exhibition on 24 and 25 October join our live interpreters and experience what it would have been like to stand in a mass of English knights, soldiers and the famous archers, preparing to be attacked by the mighty French army. Until 1 November, hear the stories from the prize prisoners, see how they occupied their time in military training for the next campaign or writing poetry.

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