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Distinctive rotisserie restaurant The Roast Room opens in RAI Amtrium

Amsterdam RAI on-site butcher’s shop

New high-quality dining experience with on-site butcher’s shop makes for tasty addition to Amsterdam RAI

Tuesday 7 April saw the opening of The Roast Room in the low-rise area of the new RAI Amtrium building. This unique rotisserie concept has been devised by Michiel Deenik from the renowned Amsterdam restaurant, Visaandeschelde. The elegant extension of the RAI Amtrium complex invites visitors to enjoy delicious cuts of meat, burgers, charcuteries and artisan sausages from its in-house butcher’s shop. This is located on the ground floor, which means people can watch the food being prepared. For its herbs and vegetables, The Roast Room  makes use of a large urban farming greenhouse, which is also located in the Amtrium.

"In just a few years Michiel Deenik has created a distinctive and prominent restaurant presence in Amsterdam with the Visaandeschelde,” comments Amsterdam RAI’s Executive Vice President  Maurits van der Sluis. “At the RAI we are delighted that he has chosen to operate a second restaurant literally across the street from Visaandeschelde. His hip Roast concept seamlessly fits the quality standard that Amsterdam RAI maintains for its business guests.”  

Long-cherished wish
It was the RAI who took the initiative to approach Michiel and Saskia Deenik with this restaurant idea. “I felt that this was an amazing opportunity to establish a new concept within walking distance of our restaurant,” says Deenik. “While Visaandeschelde allows me to indulge my passion for fish, The Roast Room offers a canvas for my culinary aspirations centred on meat. Located in a place of honour on the emerging new Scheldeplein Square, I expect The Roast Room  to serve as an open invitation to business guests of the RAI. Visitors will, of course, be able to expect the same quality and allure as in Visaandeschelde.” It was more than fifteen years ago that Michael and Saskia Deenik opened Visaandeschelde, which has since become a household name in Amsterdam. The original seafood dishes, the welcoming service and the elegant interior attracted a cosmopolitan audience of gourmets from the very beginning.  

The Roast Room 
The Roast Room is set to become Amsterdam’s premiere meat experience. Surrounded by expert chefs working their magic in open kitchens with Beech ovens and a dynamic yet classic interior, guests can enjoy the finest cuts of meat, burgers, charcuteries and sausages from the restaurant’s own butcher’s shop. The Roast Room consists of The Roast Bar, a brasserie-style restaurant on the ground floor and the Rotisserie, a fine-dining restaurant on the first floor. 

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