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Stratford Butterfly Farm celebrates its 30th anniversary

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the Stratford Butterfly Farm and to celebrate this milestone, the Farm is staging an exhibition of old photographs when it was first opened by David Bellamy in July 1985. The exhibition, which will also give visitors a fascinating insight into the history of the Farm, will run from Saturday 28 March until the end of the October half term. There is no additional charge to view the exhibition

Firmly positioned as Britain’s largest and most successful butterfly farm, the Farm attracts over 100,000 visitors each year. Set in a large tropical greenhouse, landscaped with waterfalls, ponds and tropical plants, visitors can see thousands of exotic butterflies from all over the world fly within the greenhouse. To avoid the butterflies landing on visitors and accidentally leaving the Farm, a new mirror has been installed so that visitors can check their backs as they are leaving the flight area.  

Over the years the Butterfly Farm has continually added to its number of inhabitants and now has a beautiful green Kakariki Parrott which originates from New Zealand. The stunning green bird has settled in well with the other bird inhabitants including Rosey Bourkes, Cockatiels, Mousebirds, Green Ring-necked Paraquets and the flightless Chinese Painted Quails.  

In Insect City, as well as the usual insects, there is a new snake tank which houses a Royal Python. It is the smallest of the African pythons and has a typically docile temperament. Also on display is an Albino Ratsnake which originates from North America and subdues its small prey by constriction.

Over in Arachnoland and behind the safety of glass is a Goliath Bird Eating Spider. The spider is considered to be the largest in the world and was named by explorers who saw one eating a hummingbird. Native to the rainforests of South America, these spiders have up to a 30cm leg span when fully extended. Also on display is the Brazilian Red Fire Tarantula which is the third largest in the world, the Huntsman Spider and Black Widow Spider, known to be one of the most poisonous spiders in the world with venom 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake. Visitors can also see the infamous False Widow Spider which has attracted plenty of media interest over the last few years.

Jane Kendrick, Marketing Manager of the Stratford Butterfly Farm stated, “We are delighted to be celebrating our 30th anniversary this year and hope that visitors will enjoy our exhibition and seeing what the Butterfly Farm looked like in 1985. With plenty of new inhabitants to see and admire, a visit to the Butterfly Farm is a great family day out!”

To see hundreds of spectacular butterflies, insects, reptiles and spiders visit the Butterfly Farm from 10:00am to 5.30pm every day of the week. Entry fees are Adults £6.25, Seniors & Students £5.75, Children (under 3’s go free) £5.25, Family (2 adults & 2 children) £18.50. Group discounts are available. Registered Carers are admitted free of charge.

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