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Grimaldi Forum Monaco launches new visual identity 

Grimaldi Forum Monaco launching new visual identity 
For 15 years now, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco has been drawing on its unique knowhow to craft success for all the events it hosts and produces. In the run-up to its 15th anniversary, we decided to open a new chapter in our communication strategy by restating what constitutes our genetic makeup: the successful marriage of art and culture with the business events world.

So the Event Factory concept came about, referencing Warhol's world as a promise of consistently more exciting events. More than a rebranding, Event Factory communicates the Forum's fundamental essence, its raison d’être, its values, its experience. A concept that drives our ambition constantly forwards, reinventing not only our logo but our entire graphic identity as well.  

A strong message to the future
In these 15 years the Grimaldi Forum has unarguably proved its worth, developed and matured. From a simple venue, it has evolved into a well-established brand, strong, original and adept at reinventing itself to stay ahead of the field. Our logo has been simplified but is as elegant as ever, while the new graphic signature fuses the first two words while subtly emphasising the Grimaldi name, so underlining the Forum's grounding in the Principality but also its proactive contribution to Monaco's international image.

A new website in responsive design
Imagined as a medium capable of expressing completely the potential of our Event Factory this new Web site marks an additional stage in the renewal of the positioning of Grimaldi Forum Monaco. Voluntarily unifying, the worlds of the business and the art join there to multiply their strengths and potential. Which more beautiful way of showing how the talents of our 136 collaborators, put their know-how into action to create the most beautiful events, in a center of high-end congress capable of complying with their creativity.  

The web site articulates around the Event Factory as a front door towards the discovery of spaces, proposed services, its capacity to produce events of great renowns, with state-of-the-art equipments.  

A new more statutory dimension "the Company" replaces Grimaldi Forum in the Monaco landscape, as a company dynamic, involving and carrying loud and clear values turned to a single objective: the excellence.

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