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1,086 events and 5.9 million visitors underscore HKCEC’s superb services

Watches & Wonders – Asia Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

144 exhibitions and conferences held at HKCEC in FY2013/14

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) continues to be the preferred venue for international organisers staging world-class exhibitions and conferences in Hong Kong.  During the fiscal year 2013-2014 (July 2013 to June 2014), a total of 1,086 events were held at the HKCEC, including 112 exhibitions and 32 conferences along with hundreds of corporate meetings, banquets and entertainment events.  The combined total of attendees at these 1,086 events and diners at the HKCEC’s seven restaurants was almost 5.9 million people, including visitors from around the world.

Apart from four festive days over Chinese New Year, the HKCEC did not experience a single idle day throughout the year, but was continually bustling with events and their associated move-in and move-out activities.  Even during these four days, HKCEC restaurants were busy serving hundreds of patrons.  Indeed, a total of 11 tenancy periods (or 71 days) saw all purpose-built exhibition space of 66,000 sqm taken up by either a single mega exhibition, or multiple concurrent events.

Eight of the year’s 112 exhibitions were new at the HKCEC; they included industries as diverse as fine watchmaking, beauty products, and pet supplies.  The other 102 exhibitions were recurrent events, which continued as the backbone of the HKCEC’s exhibition portfolio.  In the reporting year, 20 of these recorded double-digit growth in terms of gross exhibition space compared with their previous editions. 

Conference business continued strong.  Among the 32 conferences held at the HKCEC, 26 were international and 12 were new to the venue, covering diversified subjects that included medical science, horse racing, trademarks, and yoga.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (“HML”) is the professional private management company responsible for the management and daily operation of the HKCEC.  Managing Director Ms Monica Lee-Müller, remarked, “We take pride in attracting organisers from around the world to Hong Kong, and providing quality services for event attendees.  Their choice of the HKCEC demonstrates that HML’s level of service delivery is truly world-class, and among the best in the region.   I am delighted that event organisers clearly recognise our commitment to enhancing HKCEC’s competitiveness through our continuous investment in new technologies, new equipment, and new talent.” 

“The HML team is proud to have served 43,096 events and over 86 million buyers, exhibitors, visitors and guests since 1988,” added Ms Lee-Müller.  “These events have contributed significant economic benefits to Hong Kong by generating spin-offs for tourism and other related industries, creating numerous jobs and business opportunities for small and medium enterprises, and enhancing Hong Kong’s international image and reputation.” 

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