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Québec City to welcome 2,000 geographers in 2018

On August 17, during the International Geographical Union (IGU) Regional Conference held in Krakow, Poland, the IGU executive committee unanimously approved Québec City to host the 2018 IGU Regional Conference. This important decision marks the first IGU conference in North America in two decades, and will encourage the participation of French-speaking geographers.  August 6–10, 2018, some 2,000 geographers from all over the world will be convening at the Québec City Convention Centre. The spinoffs from this international conference are estimated at nearly $3 million—a boom for the regional economy.

Backed by the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG), Regroupement des géographes du Québec (RGQ), and Université Laval’s geography department, Québec City’s application to become a host city was successfully organized and secured by two tenured Université Laval geography professors—Dr. Laurent Bourdeau and CAG executive committee member Dr. Matthew Hatvany—and by Jocelyn Guertin, international market account executive with the Québec City Convention Centre.

The local organizing committee is based in Université Laval’s geography department, and is already at work planning the scientific conference on human and physical geography. The program will feature a slew of pre- and post-conference activities, including exciting field trips and a unique excursion into the North. Geographers from foreign countries will have the chance to explore the natural and cultural diversity of Canada’s geography, and their Canadian colleagues will have an unparalleled opportunity to share their work.

The International Geographical Union (IGU) is an international, non-governmental, professional organization devoted to the development of the discipline of geography. Its purpose is to promote geography by initiating and coordinating geographical research and teaching in all countries of the world.

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