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Inaugural NEC Exhibitor Masterclass a huge success

The inaugural Exhibitor Masterclass at the NEC – a new event for exhibitors looking to supercharge their exhibition activity in the modern information age – was a resounding success with over 500 delegates in attendance.
The event, organised by FaceTime in partnership with the NEC and GES, covered a variety of forward thinking topics relating to enhancing exhibition performance from disciplines such as digital and data, to human behaviour, sensory marketing and sales psychology.

Keynote speaker Gorkan Ahmetoglu, a Business Psychologist, set the tone for the day by focusing on business in the multi-sensory world: “If you’re trying to influence someone, the first thing you have to do is look at how the mind works,” he said. “You need to observe how people behave.”

The day’s seminars were particularly relevant for companies and individuals who are new to exhibiting and those wanting to amplify their existing activity: “The power of live events is within the content, and the content is within you,” said Chair Simon Burton in his inspiring opening address.

“We’re really pleased with how today has gone, and the response we’ve had from attendees has been fantastic,” said Richard Mann, the NEC’s Market Development Director. “The Exhibitor Masterclass concept is about taking the industry forward and striving for excellence, and it’s something we’ve been planning for some time. Working in collaboration with the AEO and FaceTime has given us a fantastic opportunity to showcase our venue offer and to support the industry as whole.”

Jim Curry, Deputy Director, AEO said: “Today’s Exhibitor Masterclass was phenomenally successful and was a great example of collaborative working between the venue team, organisers and suppliers.

“Exhibiting is a significant investment and days like today, where the content was insightful and inspiring, demonstrate that there’s a demand for businesses to come together to supercharge their ROI in such a high energy environment.”

Andy Gibb, COO at Global Experience Specialists (GES) said: “Events will thrive and survive based on how well exhibitors perform, and that comes down to how well they engage with their customers. “A lot of exhibitors, especially first time exhibitors, won’t be totally sure about what they should be doing and we’re trying to help them with clear guidelines on engaging with their visitors.

Successful exhibitions benefit everyone, so anything we can do to improve engagement is positive.” Andrew Evans, Managing Director of Centaur Exhibitions, added: “The Exhibitor Masterclass is about the organiser community reaching out to its customers and recognising the need to use the ‘live’ medium to better effect. We want to help our exhibitors understand more about the science of live and how to make the most of it. I’m overwhelmed with the demand we had for the day and the engagement and energy was fantastic.”

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