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Barbican recognises value of bookers through increased commission levels

“Agency bookers are one of the Barbican’s most important sources of new business and we wanted to thank them for their support,” comments Jackie Boughton, the Barbican’s head of sales.  “The whole of my team has an immense amount of respect for the bookers who regularly bring clients to the Barbican, they range in size from freelancers to well established international organisations but ultimately they are all working to deliver the best possible experience for their clients and we want to make their hard work worthwhile.”

The Barbican has increased its commission payment to 10% plus vat for agency bookers.  The new commission level, which will be applicable to all new enquiries, will be launched today - 1st September, 2014.  

Boughton who has been a long term supporter of the HBAA, is a strong supporter of the agency and commission model, continues: “The concept of commission payments is good practice and supports those who support us, whilst recognising that agencies are acting as an extended sales and account team to our own business development work.  The good agencies work hard for their money, they are advocates and ambassadors for venues and deserve this increase.”

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