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Jungle and space themed graffiti art takes meetings to a new level 

Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, has decorated two of its meeting rooms with graffiti art. Themes in the artworks are space and nature which reflect the versatile nature of Messukeskus itself.
 The renewed meeting rooms 217 and 218 are located on the second floor of the Conference Centre and offer a perfect setting for different types of meetings for smaller groups

"Nature and space are endless as is the new socially growing corporate logo of Messukeskus Helsinki," the graffiti artists Jaro, Simu, Mikko and Rane explain. The graffiti in both rooms is a combination of different styles including the imprint of each artist which brings uniqueness to each piece of art. 

"It was awesome to have the opportunity to do a custom-ordered project in which one can utilise the core elements of graffiti art: improvising and creating a one of a kind of performance. The entire room was at our disposal which gave us the opportunity to fade out corners and build the artwork seamlessly around the room. This way you will find something new in the work each time. Personal encounters and a sense of belonging and communality are also present in the artworks." 

The venue has a key role in meetings. It impacts people’s moods and creativity, it can give or take energy and, at best, make one feel comfortable.  An ideal venue inspires, helps to communicate and facilitates the desired results.  

"We are very excited to see and hear what our customers think of the premises. The most satisfied customers can come from any company really. It is great to be able to do something new and totally outside the ordinary,” explain Sales Managers Kirsi Kuusela-Rikka, Tiina Kivinen and Pia Weckström from the Conference Centre. 

Renewed restaurants and food selection  In hall 6 the Balcony restaurant serves burgers as the Panorama restaurant specialises in offering delicious meatballs for the whole family. Pizza and Grill in the Gallery offers pizzas, paninis and other types of sandwiches from the grill.  

The restaurant world of Messukeskus contains 21 restaurants and cafes and seats 4500 visitors.

Messukeskus promotes Finnish welfare by enabling profitable face-to-face encounters at meetings, congresses, fairs and other events. In 2013, Messukeskus hosted over 1,400 meetings and congresses and attracted more than 1,1 million visitors. Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, contains more than 40 meeting rooms of different sizes and the 4,400-person Amfi Hall. 

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