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Energy-saving Ricoh Arena

Eco-friendly staff at the Ricoh Arena have officially improved the award-winning venue’s energy and carbon outputs.
Display Energy Certificates are awarded by the government to public buildings to highlight their energy use and carbon emissions.
In 2010, the Ricoh Arena was placed in band E for achieving a score of 105 but has now been promoted to band C after reaching a mark of 70.

Alan Pickering, deputy facilities, energy and environmental manager at the Ricoh Arena, and his team have upgraded the venue’s Display Energy Certificate rating by introducing a series of energy efficient measures.

He said: “We take energy efficiency seriously at the Ricoh Arena and our aim for 2014 was to reach band C rating this year.

“We have worked really hard to achieve that by reviewing our energy output and looking at technology we could introduce to further improve our efficiency particularly when multiple events are taking place at the same time.

“Sub-meters for our electricity, gas and water supplies have been fitted to target specific areas of the Ricoh which use the most so that is mainly in the Jaguar Exhibition Hall, the E.ON Lounge, Halls 3-5 and the atrium.

“This means we can monitor our usage for each utility service on a daily basis which has led to reducing our supply of electricity, gas and water.

“That has been achieved by minor changes such as educating staff to switch off computers when they are not in use to installing passive infra-red sensors throughout the whole venue so lights only come on when staff and visitors are walking in those particular sections of the Ricoh.”

The Ricoh Arena signed-up to be part of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme which is published by the Environment Agency in 2013 which put the onus on the venue to reduce carbon emissions as well as make energy savings.

Alan added: “As part of the CRC, we have improved the efficiency of our boilers because they can sometimes fire unnecessarily which wastes energy but by clipping on energy optimisation units to the side of our gas boilers, it has improved our carbon footprint.

“Whenever refurbishments or alterations now take place at the Ricoh, the energy management team is part of the planning process so that we can suggest which energy devices should be fitted. “Our new certificate is hanging in the reception area of the building and we remain committed to keeping environmentally friendly matters high on our agenda.”

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