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Chelsea Football Club Kick off the 2014 World Cup with 90-Minute Meetings Package 

In celebration of the 2014 World Cup and the impending summer of sport, Chelsea Football Club has launched an all-new '90 Minute Meeting’ package at the award-winning Stamford Bridge venue.

Delegates will experience pitch-side meetings with all the thrill of the game, including exclusive hire of a Millennium Suite, pre-meeting tea, coffee and power-smoothie shots, half-time snacks including orange muffins and fresh fruit juice, as well as a hydrating sport-cap bottle of water and an apple to keep each delegate energised over the 90-minute period. Meeting organisers will also be given a whistle to keep the meeting on track and on schedule. In addition, extra time is on Chelsea Football Club, which is offering 30-minutes free of charge should organisers need to extend their meeting at the club.  

Simon Hunter, Head of Venue and Brand at Chelsea Football Club, comments: “Time is an ever precious commodity and meeting organisers are under increasing pressure to ensure that every off-site event is a productive use of each delegate’s time. A recent survey revealed that we spend an average of 16 hours each working week in meetings, with over a quarter of that time wasted. This new package allows our clients to ensure that every second spent at Chelsea Football Club is spent wisely and with purpose. Of course, in addition, this football-themed package celebrates our iconic heritage and stadium surroundings!’’  

Organisers will also receive a ‘Game Plan’ with hints and tips on running a 90-Minute Meeting, ensuring each meeting achieves maximum efficiency. Highlights include:  

Pick Your Squad
Meetings can easily veer off track if there are too many people in the room. Select meeting attendees wisely, making sure everybody has a role and a set task to take away once the final whistle has been blown.  

Set Your Strategy
Prepare an agenda for each attendee and manage the meeting to ensure that the agenda is adhered to. This avoids attendees going off-side and keeps everyone on-the-ball.  


Make sure your meeting has a clear purpose and goal, which will maximise your efficiency both in and out of the boardroom.  

Blow the Final Whistle
Studies have shown that most adults’ concentration reduces dramatically after 45 minutes in a meeting environment. Schedule a half-time break and blow the whistle after 90 minutes, allocating a pre-determined period of extra time should you run over.  

In addition to the 90-Minute Meeting package, other highlights at Chelsea Football Club to celebrate the World Cup include an exclusive hospitality package, with private screenings at Stamford Bridge during England games , as well as the re-launch of Frankie’s Sports Bar & Diner, which has an all-new, American-themed menu and will be screening sporting events of all kinds over the coming months.

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