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Superstar DJ Box launch set to revolutionise entertainment for corporate and private events

The Superstar DJ Box, a unique entertainment concept designed to totally transform the DJ and music experience for both private and corporate events, has just been launched.
Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, the brand new Superstar DJ Box, is built from high resolution LED wall modules to create a visual feature from where the DJ performs, maximising the impact of his or her presence at any event. The box projects a continuous show of specifically designed vibrant colour graphics, animations and video effects, complementing and enhancing the DJ’s music.

The video DJ operator, supplied with the Superstar DJ Box, manipulates the graphics and visuals, positioned behind the LED wall, or if the client prefers, their own DJ remains visible to the audience through an open window panel in the centre of the screen. The Superstar DJ Box is available in two sizes to suit all event requirements; the larger model is 5.12 metres wide x 3.20 metres high and suitable for large venues or outdoor use whilst the more compact model is 4.23 metres wide by 2.45 metres high and ideal for venues with height restrictions

Also supplied is all necessary staging, all DJ and video DJ equipment and a DJ booth structure to enclose the DJ performance area, inclusive of white lycra surround, LED up-lights and white down-lights. The DJ performance area, (the hole within the LED wall box), is large enough to also accommodate an optional MC, percussionist and/or sax player, etc. 

The screen is controlled by the video DJ operator with its own video hardware and software mixing equipment. Packages include all graphics, animations and video sequences, with each specifically designed for the screen. There is a range of additional options available to produce further effects, including bespoke graphics incorporating client logos, branding and images. The system also works with live camera feeds, allowing the VDJ to mix real time footage with existing graphics and effects.

Danny Rolnick, designer of the Superstar DJ Box explains: “The Superstar DJ Box is an evolutionary facet of my existing business VideoTheque, a mobile discotheque which incorporates video content. Originally inspired by David Guetta’s appearance on the Graham Norton show last March, the challenge was to create something similar that could be commercially delivered within corporate event budgets.

“In essence the concept is simple, an LED wall with a hole in the middle. However, it wasn’t as easy to source an LED wall product that could be built in this way. It was important to avoid the most high-end technologies, to keep it cost effective without compromising on the quality of the video. It required intensive research over the past 12 months, looking at high end products, new visual concepts, the latest DJ technology and live performance concepts and I’m delighted with the results. My mission has been to produce a high impact solution, normally reserved for large scale concerts, for every kind of event and that’s precisely what we have achieved.”  Rolnick added.

Superstar DJ Box has established relationships with a number of key players in the sector including Light Media Display, and Anna Valley.

In addition to providing an entertainment solution, the structure can easily be adapted for a variety of other applications including ticket offices, registration/ reception desks, food stations, cocktail bars and so on. The LED screen provides superb branding opportunities, as well as the ability to deliver content for an event.

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