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Europe comes alive in Lyon at Nuits Sonores

The 12th edition of the annual Nuits Sonores event gets underway this coming Tuesday 28 May in Lyon, France. The event, which is the country’s number one festival dedicated to electronic, independent music and digital culture, will run until Sunday 1 June, bringing together more than 100,000 spectators and 250 artists from around Europe.

The 4th European Lab forum will run in parallel to the Nuits Sonores, gathering a number of elected representatives, artists and experts to discuss the future of culture in the development of Europe.  

Just three days after the European elections, the Nuits Sonores concept is an appropriate and captivating ode to Europe: 4 days to envisage the future of culture and 5 nights to appreciate it.

This year the Confluence district of Lyon, the most creative and contemporary part of the city, has been selected to host the festival. A prime example of urban renewal, the eco-friendly area is a mix of industrial estates and innovative constructions, integrating all kinds of urban and architectural innovations. Situated at the south of the city’s central Presqu’île district, it is the ideal setting for the project.  

By day, the theme of ‘Europe Culture Refresh’ will be discussed at the European Lab, hosted by distinguished European figures. This professional platform, created by a European Union initiative in 2011, gives the floor to a new generation of European players in the fields of culture and innovation, inviting them to debate the transformation of European cultural politics.  

By night, artists such as KRAFTWERK (Germany), GOLD PANDA (England), HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE (Italy) and NINA KRAVIZ (Russia) will take over different parts of the district, including ‘La Sucrière’ and the ‘Ancien Marché de Gros’, as well as some more alternative areas. The artists will bring 5 consecutive nights to life, drawing in a crowd which increases in size every year, including thousands of young people from all over Europe, families for the child-friendly ‘Mini Sonore’ and tourists who can rediscover the city through music, thanks to the diverse urban settings chosen for the festival. The city of Glasgow, known for its indie and electro scene, is given pride of place as this year’s guest city. Glasgow will be represented by artists such as KODE9, THE AMAZING SNAKEHEADS and GOLDEN TEACHER.

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