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T-Rex joins the party

It has just been confirmed that the terrifying flesh-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex will be joining the highly anticipated Natural History Museums exhibit - Dino Jaws - and it is already causing destruction in its wake.
This is just one of the many exciting exhibits coming to NEW DOCK Hall, Leeds as part of the Dino Jaws exhibition which is open to the public from 3rd June - 7th September 2014 – Just 5 weeks away!

The three quarter sized T-rex will give visitors an insight into how intimidatingly scary this reptile truly was. Alongside this there will be an animatronic interactive T-rex head which will leave no doubt in visitors’ minds how it used to tear its prey apart with its dramatic movements and bone-crunching sound effects. Test your strength against the unbelievable power of the T-rex bite on the interactive bite force exhibit and learn just how powerful this carnivore truly was.

James Vincent, Managing Director of NEW DOCK Hall; “The T-rex is the star attraction of this blockbuster exhibition, when you think ‘dinosaurs’ the first thing you think of is the infamous, meat eating reptile.”

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