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New Victorian Gin Palace bar for immersive 'Dungeon Lates'

Victorian Gin Palace bar
The London Dungeon Lates season kicks off in May; dishing out a fortifying dose of after-hours scary fun – strictly for adults. The experience will be more immersive with the addition of an all new Victorian Gin Palace bar, where a darkly mischievous Victorian barmaid will provide guests with a tot of gin or an authentic cocktail from the era.

Dungeon Lates mashes up theatre, special effects and intriguing storytelling with wit, humour, plenty of shocks and edge of the seat surprises for an after hours experience like no other. Before descending into the bowels of the Dungeon, guests can steel their nerves with a drink and delve into the well-stocked dressing up box. Leaving the modern world behind guests will encounter Sweeney Todd and his evil sidekick Mrs Lovett, escape the Plague ridden streets of the 1665 and visit the Jack The Rippers favoured haunt, the Ten Bells Pub in Whitechapel. Dungeon Lates will be hosted on 15th and 16th May and 6th & 20th June 2014.  

The ticketed event offers 2 tour options The Taffeta or The Velvet. Both include an authentic gin cocktail on arrival, access to the dressing up box and an afterhours tour of London Dungeon.  The Velvet tour includes  decadent extras including mini pies with in Mrs Lovett’s pie shop, entry to the Gin Palace's private members area, and a selection of surprise tipples and alcohol infused remedies to calm the nerves throughout their tour.

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