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Bulgaria reaching new sustainable levels in event management

On February 20th, Bulgaria showed Europe that it has reached new levels in event management, with a top event for meeting planners– Eventex Conference 2014! What impressed the most was the audience – eager and excited to see the top trends from Europe and to apply them to their own events – from tech innovations, through energizers, to top trends and expectations for 2014! The sustainability focus at the event was given by the only Bulgarian speaker - Magdalina Atanassova, Communication Manager of AIM Group International.

Magdalina, an expert in sustainability, took the invitation to take part in the Eventex program seeing the opportunity to show how easy it is to embark on the sustainability journey, for any planner and/or company, no matter their geographical location. She focused on top ways and practical ideas on how to save on event budgets by using sustainable practices.

Magdalina’s presentation started off with a couple of minutes of dancing, to keep all attendees in top physical and psychological shape, and further took them through a few interactive exercises, as brainstorming and discussion sessions. The presentation gave the practical view over the topic of sustainability, with ideas that would directly affect the event budget, such as better options in terms of catering, location choices, and even small practical ideas, as using technology and utilizing in the best possible way the project team.

Magdalina commented, “It was important for me, understanding the Eastern European reality, to show the audience that they do not necessarily need large investments to start off on the sustainability journey. The suggestions were meant to showcase that not only money can be saved, but mostly that with a few small steps they can inspire their team and their clients to make a difference.”

Eventex Conference 2014 is the only annual conference for meeting and event professionals in the region. It started in 2009, and each year it grew in size, but also in its importance to the local event planners, who are waiting for it enthusiastically. For its 6th edition, Eventex took a turn, by inviting four top speakers from Europe. The line-up included names familiar to all – Stefania Conti-Vecchi (Italy), Rob Davidson (UK), Bo Krüger (Denmark) and Magdalina Atanassova (Bulgaria).

Magdalina is often invited to speak at international events on the topic of sustainability. Her expertise comes from the years she had dedicated on the topic, especially the last four years where she is an active Coordinator and Board Member of the Sustainable Event Alliance.

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