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The Fast and the Furious at ICC Jerusalem

ICC Jerusalem decided to forgo a conventional public-relations video clip and present the halls of the venue in a slightly different light… in no time the clip became a viral hit and has now garnered numerous accolades. Ms. Mira Altman, CEO of the ICC shares the experience…
Early in the year, Ms. Mira Altman, CEO of the ICC Jerusalem, decided to contact Noy Alooshe, a leading new media musician and artist in Israel, in order to explore with him the potential for producing a new video clip for the conference center.

On the face of things, a fusion between the distinguished and "buttoned-down" International Convention Center with the creator of musical parodies and remixes on YouTube is not exactly natural and self-evident. In actuality, cooperation between the two has yielded an interesting result, with a refreshing and different clip not normally seen in the industry.

The ICC Jerusalem is the largest and oldest international convention center in Israel. Each day, it hosts exhibitions and professional conferences and conventions – both local and international. Over the years, the ICC has hosted presidents, princes, leaders and global VIPs in a wide variety of events well covered in the media. Despite having already passed its 60th birthday, the center is still holding up well and continues to lead and innovate, and certainly appears young for its age…

"Public relations clips of conference centers throughout the world are, in most cases, recognizable and predictable. You will almost certainly see photographs of the various halls in all of them, interspersed with atmospheric photographs of dignified conferences with well-dressed participants, and not much more than that…" says Ms. Altman. "In the spirit of the way by which I generally manage the center, I decided this year to bring something novel and innovative to this subject as well. The general directive that I gave to Noy Alooshe was to produce a film that would show the center and its halls in a creative way with a humorous twist."

Alooshe, for his part, responded immediately to the challenge and recruited a large professional team that made use of sophisticated photographic techniques and special effects. For many hours, the center became a movie set to all extents and purposes in a way that would make a Hollywood action movie proud.

The clip shows cars breaking into the convention center in the dead of night. A police chase then occurs, where the route passes through the main halls of the center and through the various historical events that have taken place in it over the years. Authentic video segments from events that have taken place at the center were spliced into the clip throughout the chase. Thus, for example, while a police helicopter chases after the cars, the central auditorium where President Obama was hosted last year can be seen.

"I must admit that, already at the point when we presented the ideas, I didn't believe that this would be the one that would be selected by Mira and her staff," says Alooshe. "But, happily, the wildest script (with the most complex production) was the one that caught their attention and won over the other scripts. This fact, more than anything else, speaks volumes about the uniqueness of the place, about its openness and innovativeness."

"It's no trivial matter to close an active conference center for a full day and to turn its corridors into a racetrack" says Altman, "but there is no doubt that the investment has paid off. We and everyone who comes in contact with the film really love the final result."

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