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Huelva to be in the spotlight of the Cruise industry with the HUELVA CRUISE FORUM on 29 January, 2014

Huelva is to be in the spotlight of the cruise industry with the celebration of Huelva CRUISE FORUM 2014 on 29 January, an event that will bring together key personalities of the cruise business and organized by Cruises News Media Group.
Huelva is an important Spanish port at the south of Spain, famous as the point of departure for the historic voyages of discovery of Christopher Columbus. Now, it is making great efforts in attracting an increasing volume of cruise traffic.

The Huelva CRUISE FORUM 2014 will demonstrate the wide variety of business opportunities that cruise traffic can bring to Huelva and its province. The discussion will focus on how to prepare the port, the auxiliary industries and tourism services needed to meet the needs of the new cruiser.

The Huelva CRUISE FORUM is an event aimed at professionals in the port sector , the service industry, travel agencies, tourist promotion related institutions, hotel services, restaurants, museums, shops and those who can benefit from the arrival of cruise passengers to Huelva.

The celebration of the event is the result of the initiative of the Port Authority of Huelva and the Provincial Tourism Institution.

The event will be opened by local authorities with the participation of key executives of cruise lines, the director of CLIA Spain and representatives from shipping agents and shorex operators in Spain. It is organised in small introductory presentations to discuss the state of the industry, the promotion of port and destination, the shorex, and the increased opportunities to work on cruise ships. The Huelva CRUISE FORUM 2014 will end with a round table mainly composed of executives of cruise lines and with the active participation of both speakers and attendees.

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