Interprefy launches WebMeet to provide intelligent real time interpreting for multi-hub and virtual meetings

Interprefy, the flexible and scalable remote simultaneous interpreting platform for meetings anywhere, anytime, announces the general availability of its latest product, WebMeet, to provide intelligent real time interpreting for multi-hub and virtual meetings.

WebMeet facilitates remote simultaneous interpreting for multi-hub and virtual meetings so that participants can listen and engage in the language of their choice. WebMeet allows users to run meetings in as many locations and with as many presenters as needed. There is no limit to the number of languages that can be offered.  

Interprefy works with leading language service providers to ensure customers benefit from the best quality interpreting. Interpreters with expertise in a particular industry or area can be sourced at short notice.  

“Interprefy WebMeet is ideal for any organisation that runs meetings between different regions. Our early users have included teams within corporates and international organizations, who have found WebMeet useful for providing multi-hub presentations, group discussions and negotiations,” said Andrey Schukin, chief technology officer at Interprefy.  

WebMeet’s classroom function ensures that meetings run smoothly and are well moderated, by muting meeting participants when they are not speaking. Meanwhile, once users select their preferred language, they will hear the interpreter in the foreground with the speaker’s voice faintly in the background. WebMeet’s raised hand functionality ensures no one is left out of the meeting and that the meeting moderator can see who would like to speak next.