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House of eve comes alive at 41 Portland Place

House of eve event
This week, House of eve welcomed 150 attendees at its first immersive venue and event day in London. It offered guests the chance to not only experience the variety of 31 eve venues all under one roof, but also a variety of culinary concepts and experiences.

41 Portland Place provided the perfect eve blank canvas, centrally located and easy to find.

Opening at 7.30am, 16 organisers arrived for the wake-up yoga Workout. Afterwards, ‘Spa from Ordinary’ gave a Workshop of shoulder and back massages enjoyed at a favourite destination through a VR headset. Attendees could travel to a forest stream, a waterfall, or a beach, complete with accompanying audio to explore the possibilities of event-based wellness clinics without the need to travel.

Michael Aldridge from Unique Venue Consultancy said “the industry has taken a while to wake up to its own immersive experiences and this was great with new and exciting ideas. House of eve is clever and well thought out and it’s easy for people to understand how they can use plus the use of QR codes is brilliant. There have been some great examples here today that people can use in their own events.”

eve’s full-service capability including her venues, production by Full Circle and seasonal parties by Ultimate Experience were showcased in the style of a gallery, with boards displaying images and interesting facts about each business. QR codes enabled delegates to immediately link to the venue’s details on and bookmark their favourites. In addition, venue ambassadors were on hand to discuss ideas with organisers, wedding planners and agency representatives. Attendees were offered a glimpse into the range of Livery Halls offered by, along with a range of City and Central London venues, some of which boast amazing views, including a selection along The Thames.

Guests were invited to discover their own ‘eve aura’ with aura photographs taken by Blank Canvas. Personality traits shown by the aura colours in the photograph were matched to eve’s venues, encouraging organisers to have a good look around.

With nourishment supplied and delivered by CH&CO and Create venues within eve’s portfolio, the first sitting of the day in eve’s kitchen was brunch, with Leo’s rye sourdough bread served with cashew butter and spinach, soft eggs with fennel and dill salt and Skyr yoghurt, lingonberries and pine sugar.

Lunch was circulated in bowls, with BBQ duck doughnuts with mushroom sugar, maple & bacon, beetroot risotto with horseradish cream with sustainable cod and seaweed butter, and plant-based patties in rye buns with pickled cabbage. Afternoon tea was a seated affair in the kitchen in conjunction with GC Couture, with chefs on hand to describe, discuss and display their skills, as they bubbled liquorice on the plant based panacotta, and fermented the greens to accompany the Cured sea trout with buttermilk and vodka pickles. Menus were also delivered by QR code.

To end the day, eve opened her Rum Shack with a variety of innovative cocktails courtesy of Rum & Sugar, coffee cocktails courtesy of Bewley’s coffee and some Caribbean soul food canapes to soak it all up.

Managing director, eve by CH&CO, Katy Thompson said “despite Covid-19, House of eve was a great success showcasing eve’s capabilities in person and as an intelligent event creating platform that can provide organisers with everything they need. It was a chance for people to get to know eve’s personality and some of the tricks up her sleeve.”

Thanks go to eve’s partners including: Bewley’s coffee for eve’s coffee shop, GC Couture for eve’s afternoon tea experience, Rum & Sugar for eve’s rum shack, Spa from Ordinary, production by Full Circle, Print Logic and aura photography by Blank Canvas.

Planners can keep up to date with eve’s antics by following #goaskeve on Instagram.

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