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Israel to host the 27th International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocated (IFTTA)

The 27th Conference of the International Forum of Travel Tourism Advocates (IFTTA) will take place from the 2nd to 5th of November 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel.   
The conference is set for lawyers across the globe to discuss the changes on international travel and tourism laws. 

This year’s conference will focus on the recent developments in travel and tourism both on international and local levels. This includes the Draft Convention concentrating on the rights and obligations of tourists and providers of tourism services, now under discussion by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). As well as updates on the EU’s revised directive on the Package Travel, the latest adjudications in various jurisdictions concerning late flights, and travel agents’ and hotels’ responsibilities towards consumers.   

IFTTA is a purely professional, non-political organisation dedicated only to the study and development of the legal aspects of travel and tourism. They work closely with the UNWTO to cooperate on various objectives and projects to build up a database of Travel and Tourism Law materials from across the world. As well as provide an online interactive forum for discussions on the subject.   

The conference is set to take place in Tel Aviv, “the city that never sleeps”, which has been ranked among the world’s top 10 most action-packed and vibrant cities. Tel Aviv has also been listed as one of the top desirable tourism destinations by leading travel and tourism publications such as National Geographic and Conde Nast magazines.   

Legal advisers of national tourism and aviation departments and of travel organizers and airlines, law academics, practicing lawyers and members of the travel and aviation industries are invited to participate in the Conference.

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