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Titanic Belfast welcomes three-millionth visitor

Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience, located on the spot where the famous liner was built and launched, has welcomed its three-millionth visitor, Kathy Jefferson from Telford, England.

Tim Husbands MBE, Chief Executive of Titanic Belfast, commented, “Although the Titanic lies in 13,000 feet of water, the enduring story still captures minds and hearts throughout the world, Titanic Belfast is living proof of this. In the four years, we are delighted to have welcomed 3 million visitors from over 145 countries.”

Vanessa Markey, Head of Tourism Ireland Great Britain added; “It’s a terrific milestone and so well-deserved that Titanic Belfast, the world’s largest Titanic exhibition, has welcomed over three million visitors already. The iconic attraction celebrates the legacy of the famous ship and its unique link to Belfast. It’s a vital part of the tourism offering in Northern Ireland, helping us offer a stand-out experience to visitors from across the globe. The experience helps put Belfast firmly on the tourist map as a must-visit destination and encourages more and more people each year to visit the city and experience the Titanic legacy and maritime heritage.”

Since opening in 2012, the world-class attraction has welcomed many VIP guests, including Her Majesty The Queen, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, TITANIC director James Cameron as well as celebrities such as Adele and Michael Bublé.

It is home to some of the most significant Titanic artefacts, including the last letter ever to be written on board the Titanic by Essex-born Esther Hart and her seven-year-old daughter Eva.

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