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A lifetime of memories in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
The state of Idaho has an extensive offer of adventure activities for everyone, from kayaking, hiking and canoeing to camping, jet boating and fishing. This summer get ready to discover the Gem State’s natural beauty!

Hiking to Blue Lake
Located only a two-hour drive from Boise, Blue Lake is just outside of McCall and Cascade. Visitors can get there following the National Forest Service Road to Cascade and the area is easily accessible during spring and summer. Blue Hike is a perfect hike for the whole family and is suitable for kids that are seven years and older. It offers spectacular views on the drive up to the mountain and beautiful scenery with pine trees and wildflowers and the Blue Lake as you descend.  

Camping in Redfish Lodge
With 35 million acres of public land, including 4.5 million acres of protected wilderness, finding a great camping spot in Idaho is an easy task! Visitors can tuck away into Idaho’s serene wilderness in Redfish Lodge, 6,550 feet above sea level, forget the civilized world and connect with nature with their families in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountain Range, surrounded by crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Kayaking along the Main Payette River
Visitors travel from all over the world to enjoy white-water adventures in Idaho. Ranked #1 in the United States and often in the entire world for rivers sports, Idaho offers a number of different options to choose from. The Payette's Upper Main River is classic Idaho white-water. Located less than an hour from Boise, it is a perfect destination for families and first time rafters and an ideal training ground for kayakers, with plenty of drop rapids.  

Jet Boating in Hells Canyon
Jet boating through Hells Canyon is the ultimate way to explore one of Idaho’s most iconic natural attractions. The area offers a wide variety of family-friendly activities to do, including hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and rafting. The Snake River is known for its vigorous rapids but visitors can enjoy the experience on a jet boat with children, exploring the river in one of the most thrilling ways.  

Fishing on the Clearwater River
Idaho offers plenty of fishing options with approximately 30 species of game fish and an abundance of rivers, lakes, creeks, reserves and ponds. Located in Lewiston, in North-Central Idaho, the Clearwater River is renowned for outstanding fishing for B-run steelhead and Chinook salmon. Fishing is an activity that can be shared with the whole family but visitors are advised to consult the Idaho Fish & Game regulations for seasons, limits, and special rules for the region.

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