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Disney Business Solutions unveils its new business strategy

The new Disney Business Solutions’ “Turn events into emotion” brand platform reveals the ambition of the number one integrated MICE destination in Europe: to transform client events into unforgettable experiences.

The MICE market is constantly moving, and events organisers are not only looking for a location that ticks all the right practical boxes (accessibility, flexible spaces, all-in-one venue) but that is also unique. Disney Business Solutions meets these requirements day in, day out and has therefore taken the decision to go further and offer more: events transformed into unforgettable stories powered by emotion.

Emotion is a true key to performance for any company, giving a real event momentum and, in turn, this generates shared emotions, leaving everyone with indelible memories. Disney Business Solutions is activating this key to performance based on a powerful promise: ROE or Return on Emotion , underlining that the success of any event is measured by the quality of the emotions it creates.

Emotion is therefore at the heart of the new Disney Business Solutions brand platform. Emotion with a new name - Disney Business Solutions: a strong claim to its Disney DNA and a promise to host, design and organize magical and inspiring events combining innovation and creativity. A name supplemented with “A Division of Disneyland Paris”, linking a location full of promise to its new identity.

Emotion influences the entire positioning strategy, embodied by the signature phrase, “ Turn events into emotion ” and making Disney Business Solutions a true generator of emotions and locus of transformation: a magical setting that magnifies the emotional impact of any event, transforming it into unique sensation-filled moments. Finally, an identity full of emotion: the logo has been updated, acquiring a raspberry colour and rounded shape giving it a warmer, more elegant, dynamic and modern look.

According to Nicolas Dupeux, Disney Business Solutions Director: "The MICE market is undergoing massive development. The challenge for us is to differentiate ourselves and show people what we do best. Our aim in redesigning the Disney Business Solutions brand platform was to assert our place in the market and our role in Disney, making emotion our trademark. Emotion has always been in the brand DNA of Disney - the teller of stories. With this new identity, we are re-appropriating the asset of emotion and making it a core element of our events expertise. ROE - Return on Emotion – is our new promise of success for any event. Allied with ROI, it means we can combine the practical with the emotional. Our destination is an amazing setting, enhancing the emotional effect of any event. We enable companies to tell their own story in a completely immersive environment. Here at Disney Business Solutions, we don’t just create events – we also generate collective emotion. "

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