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Windermere restaurant The Pig’s new South African dish pulls in the punters

The Pig interior
Windermere’s newest bar and restaurant, ‘The Pig’, is pleasing punters with a very unusual dish!  The new venue, which opened in the heart of the village in March, has been heaving with both locals and visitors enjoying the trendy setting and unique menu, which comprises 70% of pork dishes.  

In addition to pork, owner and local businessman, Ian Dutton, has been experimenting with some other original tastes, with ‘Bobotie’ proving a particular hit.  The national dish of South Africa, Bobotie is a spicy lamb based dish served with a savoury custard.  

“We have been very surprised by the popularity of bobotie and are pleased our customers are enjoying a new taste.”  said Ian, who, together with son Harry, chefs at the restaurant each day.  

“We’ve also been delighted by the overall response to The Pig, which has had a phenomenal three months.  We do have some very original dishes on our menu and it’s not for everyone, but our customers seem to be enjoying experimenting with unique food such as goat burger and gourmet American hot dog.  The feedback that we’re getting is that it’s great to discover a venue in the Lakes serving audacious food.”  

The Pig also features a range of vegetarian dishes, fish and seafood, such as mussels and crayfish.  It also serves ‘skinny champagne’ (champagne with fewer calories), the only venue in the South Lakes (apart from the Village Inn, Dutton’s other venue) to offer this.

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