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Nude version of team-building

Art and body-painting offered as an activity

Art classes and body painting are activities that are becoming more widely enjoyed by both men and women. Now a new service is being introduced under the name of Art Team to add some very vital extra interest to group events.
It is the brainchild of Gordon Hickman, who explains that for an agreed fee beautiful models are brought to the location where an event is being organised.

‘Art Team also ensures that all the necessary art materials are on hand, including canvases, paint and brushes, charcoal and so on’, explains Gordon. ‘In addition, we can arrange for artists to be available to assist novice artists in achieving the best results.’

The activities themselves add interest and excitement as a leisure pursuit to enliven a conference or they can be used in a competition in team-building. ‘Art Team can be the judge’, adds Gordon, ‘to see which group achieves the most creative work overall’.

The models are young and beautiful and sourced from different countries. The fee for the complete service depends on the time to be allocated to the activity, the number of models required, the number of group participants and the distance from London to the event venue.

Art Team can provide bona fide interested event organisers with a link to a site with images of some of the models.

To enquire, please email Gordon Hickman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , giving details of the date, type and size of event and its location.

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