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Wyboston Lakes leads by example with tip and service charge policy

Wyboston Lakes bar staff shaking making a cocktail
Wyboston Lakes, the leading independent leisure, conference and training venue, is proud to highlight its tip and service charge policy as exemplary within the hospitality industry.
In response to recent conversations within the industry, and as part of Wyboston Lakes continued dedication and investment to staff, the policy, brought in last year, works to ensure team members are wholly rewarded for their outstanding service to guests on a continued basis.

The policy features Wyboston Lakes’ pledge that no charge or deduction for managing tips received or for the administration of paying them out to staff will be made. The frequency of payment for tips is at the discretion of staff team representatives, moving the process away from management input and ensuring equal shares received by all team members.

Steve Jones, Operations Director’ comments “The policy is a great way to ensure that the rewards for guest service are delivered 100% to the staff that earn them and continue to work hard maintaining high levels of guest service. The recent discussion within the industry has highlighted a series of important issues and as a leading hospitality employer, Wyboston Lakes is happy to once again be at the forefront of that conversation with an exemplary existing policy.”

In addition, Wyboston Lakes ensures that all tips are received post wage, thereby guaranteeing these payments are an addition to the national living wage. As standard, Wyboston Lakes does not add additional service charges to guests regardless of party size.

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