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British Motor Museum retains its Coeliac UK Gluten Free accreditation

First and only accredited conference venue in the UK

The British Motor Museum is delighted to announce that they have retained their ‘Coeliac UK GF (Gluten Free) accreditation’ and remain the first and only accreddited Conference Centre in the UK.
The accreditation aims to make eating out stress-free for people with coeliac disease, an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten. Sarah Sleet, Chief Executive of Coeliac UK said: “Coeliac UK is widely recognised as the expert body on the gluten-free diet.

The charity has been working alongside the catering industry for many years to encourage it to meet the needs of the growing number of people requiring a gluten-free meal. We are delighted that the British Motor Museum has retained our accreditation and we would urge all establishments to consider the benefits of providing gluten-free food for their customers.”

In the UK 1 in 100 people suffers with coeliac disease. Tom O’Reilly, Operations Manager at the British Motor Museum said “We started our journey to gluten-free with Coeliac UK back in August 2014 as we wanted our customers to know that we take special dietary requirements seriously. The Museum now offers accredited gluten-free meals for both its conference delegates and visitors to the Museum Café.”

Visitors to the Museum’s Junction 12 Café can now enjoy a wide range of gluten-free options including homemade sandwiches and cakes - all safe in the knowledge that behind the scenes is a physically separate gluten-free kitchen, ensuring there is no risk of cross contamination. All Café staff have been trained in the safe production and provision of gluten-free food. There are various points of sale where visitors can check the Café menus to see what is gluten-free as well as check what foods contains any of the other 13 known key allergens. Gluten-free Conference delegates are catered for with a specially designed GF menu.

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