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New Windermere restaurant ‘The Pig’ is 'heaven' for ‘pork lovers’!

The PIG food
A new restaurant and bar in Windermere will be a ‘pork lover’s dream’, with more than 70% of its menu honouring the tasty meat!  The new venue, named The Pig, which opened on Crescent Road on Friday, is the creation of local businessman and restauranteur, Ian Dutton, who owns the nearby Village Inn Bar and Grill in Bowness; and the Miller Howe Café in Grasmere.  And, he and son, Harry, both chefs, will be the ones responsible for creating some very unique dishes!

The menu for the 40 seater restaurant, features homemade pork scratchings; smoked pig, sweetcorn and potato chowder; a hunk of pig pie with homemade piccalilli; potted pig with an appetiser jelly, homemade crisp bread and sage butter; a pig platter and slow roasted suckling pig.   

The concept for ‘The Pig’ comes from Dutton’s belief that pork is an underrated meat and he’s happy to see it in prominence on his menu:

“Pork is such a feel-good meat and I don’t believe we see enough of it on restaurant menus.” he explains.  “The Pig is all about good food, well cooked and where possible, locally sourced.  It’s a very unique offering.  We’ll be featuring a hog roast every day and some really unusual dishes.  If you’re not a pork lover, we still have a wide variety of choice, so hopefully, there’s something for everyone.”

The Pig will also feature a range of vegetarian dishes, fish and seafood, such as mussels and scallops and an eight ounce goat burger.  Serving a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails, The Pig will also sell ‘skinny champagne’ (champagne with fewer calories), the only venue in the South Lakes, apart from the Village Inn, to offer this.

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