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Ljubljana takes part in European Mobility Week

This is the 14th year in a row that Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenian and winner of the European Green Capital Award 2016, took part in the European Mobility Week, the most wide-spread sustainable mobility campaign which traditionally takes place from 16 to 22 September.

With diverse activities we strive towards using environment and society friendly mobility methods and changing travelling habits to improve the quality of life. We are on the right path as these measures, amongst others, brought us the prestigious title European Green Capital 2016, and our city is also the only two-time winner of the European Mobility Week award – received for our achievements in the field of sustainable mobility in 2013 and 2003.

This year’s EMW was merged with the campaign "Do the right mix" with the slogan "Choose. Change. Combine." It focused on encouraging multimodality – combining different forms of mobility in one journey with an emphasis on walking, cycling and using public transport, which can often lead to a more pleasant and quicker journey in the city. Thus, we have been exploring all transport possibilities at our disposal. Special emphasis has been placed on the effect of everyday active life on our health and well-being. This year special attention was given to cycling that had been already promoted by the national Slovenian campaign "Pripelji srečo v službo" (Bring happiness to work).

In cooperation with more than 60 partners many thematic activities and events took place and 14 lasting sustainable measures have been implemented, among them the expansion and modernisation of the parking area P+R Dolgi most and the construction of the new parking area P+R Barje, installation of cyclists counters, erection of bicycle stands at end bus stops, bus lines optimization and setting up of new bus stops, renovation of Cankarjeva Street which have become a part of ecological zone in the city centre, Šmartinska underpass, acquisition of another, the forth electric vehicle "Kavalir 4" that offers free rides in the ecological zone, educational didactic games for primary schools at and Urbana SMS-parking.

As always, primary schools and kindergartens actively participated in awareness-raising activities. Over 4,000 children from primary and secondary schools danced at the opening EMW event called “I breathe dance” at the Congress Square, situated right in the city centre. The EMW closed with one of the most prominent events promoting walking, cycling and public transport - a street festival "Do the right mix: the right combination brings liberation". It took place on a car-free day on closed to motor traffic Eipprova and Kolodvorska street.

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