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Lime Venue Portfolio finds traditional values have timeless appeal at Christmas

Set  to host over 71k guests over the festive season -a 15% increase on last year- Lime Venue Portfolio, the UK’s largest collection of unusual, sporting and cultural venues, and a division of Levy Restaurants UK, recently polled over a hundred of its corporate, association, agency, charity and government event buyers to find out their preferences during the festive season.

The survey found that the second week in December continues to be the peak time for office parties, with 42.2% of respondents confirming that it is the most popular time of the year for organisations to host their office Christmas celebration. The trend to move the work Christmas do until early January has decreased, with only 14.7% of companies celebrating their parties in the New Year. Most respondents preferred an evening affair in December and also in the latter half of the week, whilst  more partygoers would opt for a Saturday night over a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  

When it comes to theming, Winter Wonderland styled events were the most popular (50%), elements associated with traditional Christmas (49%) and Black Tie (42%) maintained a timeless appeal trumping other more experiential and quirky themes such as: Victorian/Dickens, Carnivale and the 80s, which all polled lower than in previous years.  

Other accoutrements associated with a traditional festive occasion stood out, with Champagne and Prosecco maintaining their position as the most popular celebratory tipple (78%) and a three-course sit-down meal preferred to bowl food or a buffet.  

The finding that a traditional Christmas style is increasing in popularity, was supported by the fact that great food and a good venue were also felt to be more important considerations for bookers than a strong theme.

Richard Kadri-Langford, head of marketing for Lime Venue Portfolio, commented on the findings: “We conduct extensive surveys with our key buyers every year to ensure that we are delivering exciting Christmas Party packages across our venues. It’s good to see that our customers rate great venues and great food as the most important elements of their Christmas parties, as these areas are our key strengths. We’ll take on board all the feedback to ensure our Christmas packages focus on offering our customers exciting culinary experiences alongside our fantastic range of venues.” 

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