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RIBA Venues develops custom scent for event spaces

RIBA Venues, the conference and events arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), has announced the introduction of a custom-made scent for all event spaces across the venue.  
The scent, developed in close collaboration with aroma design specialist Dale Air, was created to appeal to both women and men alike with the goal of subtly becoming instantly recognisable as the ‘RIBA Venues scent’.  Sampling and testing led to the creation of the final product, an aroma room spray with a unique blend including elements of red apple, black pepper and cassia.   

Stephanie Ellrott, Head of Venues at RIBA Venues, comments: “When we attend events, we are consciously and subconsciously using all our senses to take in information and make decisions about the space we are in. RIBA Venues is visually stunning, so we wanted to go one step further and develop a special scent that could become associated with our venue.  

“We’ve taken time to develop something that works for everyone and have ensured that it is not too strong or overpowering. I’m looking forward to using it across all of our spaces and gauging the reaction amongst delegates!”  

Ruth Hempsall Jones, Aroma Consultant at Dale Air, adds: “Every person has a different perception of scent, the olfactory system is closely linked to our memories and we each associate different aromas to fit our own personal experiences. Creating an aroma that would appeal to all and that would be effective enough to be long lasting was a great challenge.  

“The aroma will work hard for RIBA Venues, not only making the experience of being in the venue more pleasurable but by helping with word of mouth recommendations as delegates begin associating the scent with RIBA Venues.”

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