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VISITFLANDERS creates a pop-up street  in the centre of Paris

Mon dieu! One of the streets in the heart of Paris is about to change nationality. Rue Androuet, in the famous Montmartre district of France’s capital will, for one week at least, cease to be in France! VISITFLANDERS, the official tourism agency for Flanders and Brussels, will take over the entire street from 5-11 July 2015. The owners of the shops will move out, and be replaced by pop-ups representing Flemish cities and regions as well as some iconic themes and products from Flanders. The street will even be renamed: Rue de la Flandre.

Parisians, alongside visitors to the city from around the world, will be able to immerse themselves in all things Flemish. There will be a unique programme of events each day, which include a cycling race (a mini “Tour of Flanders”), a fashion shop showcasing some of the famous Belgian designers, and possibly the world’s smallest music festival (just 14m2 / 150 sq ft) with big DJs. Naturally, there’ll also be the opportunity to get a taste of Flanders through some typical gastronomy as well as renowned Belgian Beers.

Marketing director Elke Dens is enthusiastically proud that one of the largest and most unique marketing projects undertaken by VISITFLANDERS is about to come to fruition: “It’s not easy to create a “pop-up” street – and I think VISITFLANDERS is the first agency to do this. We’re delighted to be the temporary inhabitants of “Rue de la Flandre” and to present a view of Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, Mechelen and the Belgian Coast in the street’s shop windows. It’s a unique setting to showcase what Flanders, as a destination, has to offer” she concluded.

Geert Declerck, Director France for VISITFLANDERS explained: “Visitors to La Rue de la Flandre will leave knowing exactly what our destination is about. They will have a multi-sensory experience. They will be able to taste our gastronomy, be that street food such as fries and mayonnaise or a fine dining experience in our restaurant. They will hear our music, from either our two DJs, or from our world-class symphony orchestra. They will realise why the Flemish are so passionate about cycling by joining our Tour of Flanders. And they will see Flemish art and heritage, through shops that are transformed into galleries or through the flower art in the street”

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