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The Forum auditorium becomes one of the most modern cinemas in Europe

The CCIB is holding the fourth consecutive edition of the biggest and longest running festival dedicated to cinema on the continent, which is attended by more than 3,000 professionals.
In addition to the various film screenings that we will be able to enjoy over the coming months, CineEurope hosts a varied programme of conferences and talks, as well as a fair where the latest and greatest developments from the sector will be on display.

From 22 to 25 June, Barcelona’s International Conventions Centre (Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona, CCIB) is hosting the next edition of CineEurope 2015, the film industry’s most important event in Europe, and one of the top four worldwide.

It is the fourth year in a row that this highly significant media event is being held in Barcelona (after being held in Amsterdam for 14 consecutive years), thanks to the combined efforts of the ICUB (Institut de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Barcelona City Council’s Institute of Culture), the ICEC (Institut Catalá de les Empreses Culturals, Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies), and the CCIB.

The CCIB site has been adapted to meet the needs of big film companies so they can present their latest productions to European distributors over the coming months. It will come as no surprise that setting up the different spaces within the CCIB for this four-day event has taken place over 12 days.

To this effect, the Forum Auditorium has been turned into one of the most complete, modern and spectacular cinemas in Europe, its features transformed to allow for the enjoyment of the biggest blockbusters in the best possible conditions.

A cinema screen of 17.95 m wide by 7.5 m tall has been installed in scope format, and the capacity of the audience has been reduced from 2,397 to 1,436 seats, in order to enlarge the stage area by 160 m2, making a total of 562 m2.

The usual sound system has been uninstalled, in favour of the Dolby Atmos system from Dolby, which multiplies the audio output from every corner of the theatre, including from above, creating an effect to truly surround the viewer. To improve the sound, the CCIB has fitted acoustic insulation panels all around the edges of the auditorium.

The projection of high quality imaging during the screening of films is guaranteed using a projector from one of the top companies (Christie, Nec and Barco). During the viewings, the auditorium will be in complete darkness, which has made it necessary to install antireflective strips on the steps in the stalls, and to bolster the lighting around the doors in and out in order to soften the contrast in light when leaving.

In addition to the projections, CineEurope is home to professional meetings and conferences of great interest, as well as a fair to present the main innovations in technology, entertainment, communications systems, equipment and other services designed to renovate and update cinemas across Europe.

The film sector’s main event
CineEurope is the Official Convention of the International Union of Cinemas (Union Intérnationale des Cinémas, UNIC), the largest and oldest European festival dedicated to the cinema sector. UNIC represents cinema associations and exhibitors from 36 European countries, representing 33,000 cinema screens and box office revenue of around €1.15 billion in 2014.

Since 2012, the CCIB is the official headquarters of CineEurope, taking the baton from the RAI in Amsterdam, which was home to the event for 14 years. Aside from hosting the major players in the sector and some of the most famous stars from the world of cinema, the city of Barcelona will benefit from visits from more than 3,000 professionals from all over the world. This translates into around 8,000 nights in the city’s four and five-star hotels, and a significant impact in other service areas, such as restaurants and businesses.

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