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Mustering for Agincourt at Arundel Castle

Medieval Archery ©Julia Claxton

Two-day event to mark 600th anniversary of historic battle

Arundel Castle in West Sussex is to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the infamous Battle of Agincourt with the thrilling two-day Mustering for Agincourt event on 20-21 June 2015.
A brand new addition to the Castle’s bustling events calendar, and a one-off event for 2015, Mustering for Agincourt explores the preparations of those who would ultimately partake in the Battle - and the role that Arundel played in those key moments. 

Visitors will be transported back to 1415, where King Henry V has laid claim to the Throne of France and is now calling upon his English forces to mount an attack on their French counterparts. 

The then Earl of Arundel, a close ally of the King, has been tasked with raising an army to fight across the channel. As such, the knights, squires, archers and men-at-arms of the South Coast will be descending on Arundel Castle - mustering in preparation for battle. 

As Mustering for Agincourt is based on real events, it is the perfect day out for history buffs and thrill seekers alike. 

Set in a tented encampment across Arundel Castle’s Lower Lawns, this event gives visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in medieval life. From meeting craftsmen and 15th Century cooks, to admiring highly-skilled archery displays and watching fast-paced combat showcases in awe, this event has something to enthral visitors of all ages. 

The event’s grand finale will see the archers of Raven Tor Living History Group demonstrate their knack for the ancient activity by ‘shooting a knight’. With as many as 15 arrows being launched by each archer every minute, Mustering for Agincourt’s culmination is every inch as dramatic as it sounds. 

Castle Manager Bryan McDonald comments: “We always welcome the opportunity to acknowledge Arundel Castle’s role in history, and for that reason we are very much looking forward to hosting Mustering for Agincourt.  

“The plot centres around key moments in English and European history, where Arundel played its own important part. We hope visitors will leave feeling inspired to learn more about the Battle of Agincourt, especially in this its 600th anniversary year, and how the people of Sussex changed the course of history.” 

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