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Associations choose Lausanne for international headquarters with major economic impact

Panoramic view from the Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne continues to attract international associations to locate their headquarters within the city, with Federation Mondial du Bowling (World Bowling) and the International World Games Association (IWGA) establishing new premises in Lausanne in 2015 already.
With these new additions, there are now more than 70 international sport and other industry associations headquartered in Lausanne. Among them are some 60 international sports organisations, including 55 sports associations, plus the International Olympic Committee, making the city one of the primary centres for international association headquarters in Europe.

The concentration of associations in Lausanne and throughout Switzerland has had a significant positive economic impact, according to a recent report by the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AiSTS). A study by AiSTS on ‘The Economic Impact of International Sports Organisations in Switzerland 2008 – 2013’ found that every CHF1 spent in Switzerland by International Sports Organisations (ISOs) created CHF 1.55 for the local economy. In terms of business tourism specifically, the report revealed that the presence of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), located in Lausanne, and the ISOs in Switzerland attracted more than 32,000 overnight business visits each year and an average economic impact estimated to be around CHF 19 million, approximately 18 million Euros.

As Lausanne prepares to welcome international associations from around the world to the city for the International and European Associations Congress 2015, to be held at the Swiss Tech Convention Centre on May 5th to 7th, Dr Claude Stricker from the AiSTS will address a private audience of international media to reveal further details of the AiSTS research at an event on the evening of Tuesday May 5th, hosted by Lausanne Tourisme and Convention Bureau.

Olivier Mathieu, Congress and Meetings Manager at Lausanne Tourisme and Convention Bureau, says: “As the home of the International Olympic Committee and Olympic Museum, Lausanne is renowned as a key location for over 60 international sporting federations and associations. We are extremely proud of our sporting heritage and in addition have seen increased presence from international associations across a range of sectors, from medical and technical research to higher education and sustainability.

“Lausanne is highly attractive to associations thanks to the strong culture of learning and development within the city, its accessibility and of course the fresh Swiss air which can stimulate creative thinking and open endless possibilities!”

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