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TechTuesday – Bringing passion, innovation, and technology to one place

TechTuesday is the new tech conference that will be held in San Francisco every month. The event will bring passionate individuals and innovative businesses together to brainstorm, explore, and meet others with similar interest. The first conference will be held on May 5th, 2015. However, to make TechTuesday possible, the founders have launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather the necessary funding.

“Our goal is to align young professionals with other minds that can cultivate success and a deeper understanding of technology,” said Nicholas Van Raalte, the Founder of TechTuesday SF. “There is a too wide spread between creativity and realization in San Francisco. Our goal is to narrow this gap.”

TechTuesday Conference will be the perfect place where people can go to discuss and showcase developing theories for various start up professionals. The event will be held once a month with each having a different theme. There will be featured guests and sponsors so people can gain more insight in various markets. The first event will explore technology in “Demand Delivery” and “On-Demand Services” market for businesses such as Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and SpoonRocket. Attendees will learn about what the future holds for the “Demand Service” apps and get a better understanding of how this industry works.

The conference will be divided into three parts. First is the meet and greet. This is the part where people can have drinks, a light snack, and the chance to socialize with other members. Then, the attendees will move over to the open-floor discussion. This is a positive space where people can share ideas. Individuals will be encouraged to share their ideas and collaborate with others in to create innovative plans for the themed industry.

Lastly, members will experience the Idea Factory. This is a sacred place where people can share personal insights and any professional research they have done with a group. Feedback is encouraged from others. TechTuesday aims to boost creativity in the technology market and motivate people to go outside of their comfort zone to bring forth new ideas.

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