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Let battle commence at siege of Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle Siege May 2014 © Victoria Dawe
Arundel Castle in West Sussex will play host to a dramatic siege over the May Bank Holiday. Visitors can expect battle to commence at the historic fortress on 23-25 May. 
Three prominent living history groups Raven Tor, the Wessex Medieval Alliance and The Company of St. Barbara will portray a breath-taking battle where Edward IV is King of England and the French are trying to overtake the heart of Sussex.

Visitors to this thrilling three day event can expect to be mesmerised by the Middle Ages, with beautiful costume displays that have been expertly crafted to be accurate down to the smallest of details. Authentic examples of crafts and spectacular armour will also be on display for guests to enjoy. With something to entertain and excite visitors of all ages, this truly is an event not to be missed.

The event will focus on presenting the importance of artillery in taking a castle, as well as being a battlefield weapon. Although there was no historical siege at the Castle in the 15th Century, the May Bank Holiday siege is the only event in Arundel Castle’s calendar during which spectators can enjoy all elements of medieval warfare in one location.  

Aside from the skirmishes on the battleground, a large tented encampment will be alive with the sights and sounds of the 15th Century. Positioned on the upper grounds of the Castle, the camp will host an armourer who will demonstrate the weight of replica armour and weaponry. To further immerse visitors in this era, The Distant Trumpets Story Teller will be entertaining with tremendous tales from the period.

Castle Manager Bryan McDonald commented: “I’m so pleased that we will see spectacular battle and tension re-enacted as the Castle Siege returns to Arundel Castle. All the staff are excited to see the plot play out and I’m sure our visitors will be too.

“We are so proud that the Castle is involved in such a gripping interpretation of history, it is one of our most anticipated events of the year - even the Castle team don’t know the final outcome of the battle!”

Picture: Arundel Castle Siege May 2014 © Victoria Dawe

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