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Virtual reality at the Austria Center Vienna

A new, innovative 3D room planning tool brings possible set - ups to life right from the start for event organisers, sponsors and partner enterprises at the Austria Center Vienna.
Changing the seating layout from classroom style to theatre, increasing the advertising space allocated to lead sponsors and adding the final touches to stage designs is now only a few clicks away.

Cutting - edge technology lets customers look at their event from a different perspective before putting their heads together with the project manager to optimise the entire event set - up for participants and sponsors. All of this is now possible 36 or 48 months before the conference, in the thick of the planning ph ase, thanks to a 3D space planning tool.

Since January 2015 the Austria Center Vienna team has been able to provide 3D visualisations on request, to go with the 2D plans. “This helps to create a shared picture of the event before it starts, which supports communication between the customer, our team and our partner enterprises. By looking at the event from different angles, we are in a position to use our experience to guide the process from a much earlier stage . It also lets us offer our assistance in a number of other areas such as developing and positioning custom spaces for sponsors’ advertising, integrating the new digital signage system, putting together innovative catering solutions and designing networking spaces,” explains Susanne Baumann - Söllner, Managing Director of the Austria Center Vienna. New partner for our digital one - stop shop: CAD - Architektur This latest addition demonstrates the Austria Center Vienna’s commitment to expanding its digital services and is a key quality assurance milestone.

German company CAD - Architektur was brought on board to put the innovative space planning tool into practice. Much of the essential preparatory work, including work involving partner enterprises, can now be anticipated in the virtual world long before the event takes place. “There is still a gap between virtual animations and real experiences, but it is getting smaller all the time,” notes Baumann - Söllner.

“pep PRESENTER, our virtual reality software, offers far - ranging visualisation capabilities and top - quality 3D models , mak ing it much easier to plan events,” says CAD - Architektur’s Bruno Friedl.

“For us, the special thing about working with the Austria Center Vienna is the sheer size and scale of the project – it covers all of the main rooms around t he entrance area, as well as the exhibition halls and foyer areas, ” adds Sabine Grewe.

Technical equipment at the press of a button
Based on detailed CAD plans, the innovative space planning tool allows users to integrate 50 scale models of the different types of furnishings and equipment available at the Austria Center Vienna at the 2D stage – from tables and chairs to lecterns, monitors and decorative elements. These are used to create individual layouts which are transformed into an interactive 3D visual at the click of a mouse using the pep PRESENTER auto extract function, ready for real time virtual walk-throughs.

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