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Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre reinvents the banqueting concept for 2015

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Chefs table concept
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre puts a twist to the traditional banqueting experience, offering hosts of banqueting events a full menu spread on a dining table.
Guests at an exclusive Chef’s Table themed ‘Looking back, moving forward,’ were given a ‘taste’ of this new dining experience that started with an array of seafood bites and an assortment of sweet memories. Then came the sharing platter of homemade beef and lamb satay, braised chicken roulade, oriental soy goose, red curry duck stew and venison with bell peppers, accompanied with a choice of nasi biryani, nasi kerabu and fried rice. Of course, each course was also expertly paired with a selection of cocktails and mocktails.

Enlightening guests on the new concept, Executive Chef Richmond Lim enthused that the Centre’s newest banqueting offering is about “providing choice but not having to queue up at the buffet station, enjoying a selection of small bites but not in the traditional stand-up cocktail fashion, recognising the Malaysian heritage of sharing food but offering it in an elegant manner, exciting palates with taste and texture and, last but not least, transforming banqueting at the Centre into culinary art.”

Delving deeper into the Centre’s latest dining offering, Deputy General Manager Simon Lomas said that for almost 10 years, the Centre has successfully delivered, and continues to deliver, magnificent Malay dome menus, three-course Western meals and 8-course Chinese banquets to our guests. “With our 10th Anniversary on the horizon and in line with continuous efforts to enhance the guest experience and to further differentiate ourselves from the competition, the innovative culinary team felt an unconventional food and beverage service experience was the way to go.

“After months of research and development, this revolutionary dining concept was born. We are confident clients, in particular our large number of repeat business, will appreciate and enjoy this unique experience.”

“Essentially, we are re-inventing the art of eating and creating a new dynamic around the dining table,” shared Lim. “And from 1 January (2015) onwards, clients will have the option of another one-of-a-kind banqueting experience here at the Centre…a tailor-made menu of appetisers and desserts ready at the table after guests are seated, followed by the main course of a hot sharing platter. In a nutshell, the event host can now choose the order in which the courses are served.”

The Chef’s Table also included an introduction to the Centre’s state-of-the-art kitchens and three interactive experiences - creating house-smoked salmon with pipe cream fraiche and a variety of vol-au-vents; the latter involved use of one of the Centre’s 32 COMBI ovens, and a crash course in teaspoon chocolate quenelle!

At 3,157 sqm, the Centre boasts the largest fully-fledged kitchen in Malaysia. Furnished with the most advanced equipment and a designated area for food preparation behind every large function room, the facility can comfortably handle up to 6,000 meals a day. And in the hands of a multiple-award-winning team of 51 chefs, the Centre has definitely turned banqueting into an art form.

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