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Swiss Tech Convention Centre, Lausanne to use patented gala technology

The largest multifunctional centre in the world to use patented gala technology to transform from auditorium to exhibition hall in 15 minutes

Lausanne is proud to be home to one of Europe’s most modern conference centres, the Swiss Tech Convention Centre. Opened in April this year, the conference centre is one of a kind with its flexible function space and modern technology incorporated in the unique shell building.

At the push of a button and within minutes the large seated auditorium with a capacity of 3,000 can transform into a 2,000 sqm banquet hall. The Basement of the centre can be used as one large hall or split into 5, 10 or 15 separate rooms holding between 40 and 250 people.

The thousand ton metallic titan building is the result of years of planning by architectural firm Richter Dahl Rocha & Associées SA, and puts the final touches to EPFL’s living campus. The building uses dye-sensitized solar cells called Grätzel Cells and Canadian patented technology Gala Venue. The Swiss Tech Convention Centre is the largest multifunctional centre in the world to use the gala technology. To date, only eleven other conference facilities in the world are equipped with this system.

Along with its unique design, the centre brings together cutting-edge multimedia technology with several pioneering devices to personalise an unforgettable experience for every event goer.  For the first time ever, 10 mobile signposts intelligently help participants navigate around the centre, automatically adapting their information they display to their location. A unique STCC mobile application provides visitors with access to practical information on all of the day’s events and allows conference participants to interact with each other.

As the corner stone of Lausanne’s EPFL campus, the Swiss Tech Convention Centre is one of the only international convention centres located directly on a large scientific campus. Its particular position at the crossroads of Science, Culture and Innovation has already attracted promising events in 2014 such as the Digital Humanities Annual Conference.

On account of its central location in Europe, together with its flexibility, the Swiss Tech Convention Centre in Lausanne is anticipated to be a popular choice amongst event organisers, scientific conferences, consumer exhibits, and other large scale events. 

The city of Lausanne has more now than ever, to offer international business travellers and event organisers; with venues ranging from intimate meeting spaces to its largest venue, there is something for everyone in the city.  With the addition of the Swiss Tech Convention Centre to its expanding portfolio, Lausanne means business in the events industry.

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